About Me

Originally named ‘The New Mum’, my blog was a venture started shortly after having my first child, Leo. I needed somewhere to come and share, and sometimes vent, my new experiences as a first time mother. Just under four years later, now a mum of three we have began our next adventure, a big move. From country to the coast.

Like most mums I am busy, my days are spent chasing after my three little ones and because of this writing blog posts sometimes is the last thing on my mind! In saying that I love this little blog and all my posts are my experiences and the thoughts that go through my head, so even if my blogs are irregular I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.

I love being a Mum, even on the days where its really really hard,  I still love being a Mum.
I write the good, the bad, sometimes cheesy, sometimes ugly.
I hope you can relate to this wonderful life and maybe even get a laugh out of the madness that is raising a small family.

Thanks for reading,
Jess xx




Instagram: @our.seachanged.life

Twitter: our_seachange

For all enquires feel free to contact me either via email or use the contact form below.

Email: jmoodie0407@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice to meet you Jess 🙂 I found you via the aussie bloggers group. Had a little browse of your blog, it’s really lovely. I too am a sentimental keeper of special things, and I love the photo of your families reflection in the water at the beach. Looking forward to following along.


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